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Run safely in the dark

Make sure you stand out when you run in the dark. In the winter you often can't escape running in the dark. There are several ways to handle this responsibly.

Reflective material and lighting

Wearing a visibility vest over your running clothes can significantly improve visibility. A reflective vest you don't even notice you're wearing, yet more visible than ever.

In most cases, wearing such a vest alone is not enough. Flickering or constant lighting is always visible. Reflective fabrics are only visible when something shines on them. So add a light to your running clothes.

The sports vest from Hen Sportsgear has a phone pocket where you can easily store your phone. Ideal! With this sports vest you can easily take your phone with you without it bothering you.

Hip bag from Hen Sportsgear has an LED strip light on the front. This also makes you stand out in the dark and allows you to carry your phone, keys, money, etc. at the same time.

Running Gear

There are several ways to stand out in the dark. Choose running shoes and running clothes with fluorescent elements, make sure you stand out in the dark!

Run without music in the dark

Running in the dark with music on is not ideal. You cannot hear your surroundings well. Poor visibility only makes ambient noise worse. Music is better left out when it's dark.

Vulnerable in traffic as a runner

With appropriate running clothing and running accessories with LED lights, you are more visible in the dark. Many runners are not aware of their vulnerability when they run in the dark. As a runner, you are easily vulnerable in traffic. You are not protected by a helmet or airbags in case of an accident. As a runner you are not the fastest in traffic, you have to deal with many passing cars, scooters and cyclists that you have to take into account. Make sure you run on the right side of the road, for example on the left side where you can keep an eye on oncoming traffic and react in time if necessary. On the bicycle path, it is better to walk on the right side, because there may be many runners and cyclists who are not lit up.


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