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Running in warm weather

Running in warm weather is not always ideal. It also seems that the summers only get warmer in the Netherlands. Time for some tips for running in the heat. Because running in the burning sun can also be dangerous. You sweat faster, you're thirstier, dehydrate more quickly. So go consciously running with the hot weather.

Go running in the evening or in the morning

Kies ervoor om in de vroege ochtend of later op de avond te gaan rennen, als dit natuurlijk lukt met werk, school etc.

Coat yourself with sunscreen

If you can't manage to run in the morning or evening, make sure you are well prepared. Apply sunscreen, during exercise you burn faster than normal. It is important to take good care of your skin. The skin is the largest organ in the human body and it costs your body a lot of energy to repair any burnt or damaged skin.

Drink enough while running

Your fluid and salt balance are important to pay attention to when it's hot. Make sure you start off well hydrated. Drink 250 to 500 ml half an hour before you start running and make sure you drink enough afterwards, too, for several hours after the effort.

If you are going to run for more than half an hour in warm weather, it is also really important that you take water with you for the road. With drink belt from Hen Sportsgear you can easily take drinks with you while running.

How much should you drink while running? Do you run with high tempratures? Then it is important to take fluids during your run. A useful guideline to keep in mind is 125-250ml per 15 minutes.

Protect head by wearing a cap or headband

It is important to protect your head from the sun and heat. A good cap or headband can help you do that. Your scalp, face and neck are also less likely to burn when wearing a cap or headband. In addition, it keeps sweat and wet hair out of your face.

Getting used to the heat

Eventually, your body also has to get used to the heat. Therefore, it's also a good idea to start gently. Listen to your body. Do not run full speed right away. Start with a short distance, if it feels good you can go further next time. Shift your focus from a time or distance goal to an effort goal. Focus on your body and not on times or distances.


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