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Running safely in the dark

Hen Sports Gear

About us

Hen Sportsgear was founded by brother and sister, both fashion lovers, entrepreneurs, inventive and passionate about sports, especially running. We at Hen Sportsgear want to specialize in various sports clothing. Our start is our unique and specially designed product: Hen Sport Vest with LED and phone holder, product we are proud of! We are working hard to expand our range, so keep an eye on our websitte! Our payment and shipping options are simply unmatched. What are you waiting for? Start shopping today and find out what makes us so special

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The running sports shop

Hen Sportsgear is the running sports store. With a wide range of sports accessories, mainly aimed at running, we make sports accessible to everyone! We have a solution for all circumstances, running in the dark? Running in the heat? Take your phone with you while running? Take a quick look at our sports range.

Whether you're starting out running, training for a marathon or triathlon. In all cases it is very important that you are well equipped in the right sports accessories. Start running here.

Passion for sports, a big difference with which Hen Sportsgear makes the difference... Every product from Hen Sportsgear has come to the market with a “story” and experience.

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