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Reflective vest LED

Looking for a reflective vest for walking, running, cycling or walking the dog? Hen Sportsgear has a wide range. Reflective vest with phone holder? Watch below!

Buy running lighting at Hen Sportsgear

When the days get shorter, sometimes you can't avoid running in the dark. Of course, this should not be a reason not to go out. Run safely, walk on sports with the right lighting. With the right running lighting you not only ensure that you are seen, but you also ensure that you see where you are running. We have a wide range of running lights. Such as sports vest with LED lighting, head lamp, pouch bag with LED lighting, harness with high beam and even a sports vest LED with telephone holder. This type of lighting ensures that you can clearly see where you are walking and is suitable in the woods, polder and during a trail run. The headlamp for running has different settings, depending on where you run.

Reflective vest LED

In the case of running safely in the dark, the more running lights and accessories the better. With a running vest including reflection and LED you ensure that you are clearly visible on the road. Above all, a running vest must be brightly colored and it is possible to confirm lighting. In addition, there are reflective stripes on a running vest that reflect the light of others in traffic. This way you ensure that you are always visible to everyone in traffic. As a runner, think about your safety when running in the dark.

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